Sahaja Yoga Alibaug

Puja’s with Mother in Alibaug

1987 ~ Shree Devi Puja

Shree Mataji said:

This place was called as Shrigaav I was told, means the village of the Goddess and this fruit is called as Shriphal meaning the fruit of the Goddess. But actually if you see a coconut it is something like our Sahasrara and it’s very auspicious because it can absorb lot of vibrations, as if it has got its realization. As you people can absorb My vibrations, this fruit can absorb also My vibrations, in the greatest amount. So we are here today in a very big way to advertise the coming of the New Age. The coming of the Golden era people have talked about. Here we are to say what is reality, what is truth, what is joy. Here we are to manifest that and also to create a commotion or a movement in the cosmos so that this new awareness is established in the cosmos which will enlighten this country and the people of this country.

Shree Devi Puja, Alibaug, 13.12.1987  (Speech on